Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Promotion & Price

My PROMOTION includes the various ways through facebook and flyers by which i would promote my event. This aspect could be made a very fun and interesting aspect especially with other leaders of my church team. We could spend a day drawing up some creative flyers or making some big posters to put out around the city. I learned that promotion must be very effective and must attend to very large scale of people in order for things to be successful.

Lastly the concept of PRICE is very important because it has the overall decision in whether or not someone is going to attend the event. If the cost is too high then people probably wont find it reasonable for them to attend, but if cost is fairly too low then they might find that the event may not be interesting at all or of no quality. Youth events in particular however, must be very affordable seeing as how i work with young teenagers and I know they do not have much money to spend.

These were the four P's of marketing that i found to be very beneficial when taking my Introduction to Marketing Course.

Product & Place

In short, when discussing "PRODUCT" I learned that my product must be a very strong and attractive product. Since we are a youth team our product is more of a service so these include youth outings such as bowling nights or teen discussion nights.

Move on to "PLACE" I realized that my place must be convenient and located in the heart of the city so young people can easily access the meeting location. If this is not a priority when i try to organize events, then i will not receive the turn out i would like to expect.

Introduction to Marketing

During my last simester at Kwantlen Polytechnic University i decided to take an introductory marketing course as an elective towards my degree. The reason behind taking this course was to hopefully use the skills and concepts taught in the class and apply it to promoting various church events and programs.

Through studying marketing i began to understand how important four very crucial aspects of marketing are. These are your product, your place, your price and your promotion. Learning more and more about the specifications in these areas helped me understand how to effectively help my youth program at church grow.